#Dabeeside at 2×2 Hip-Hop Festival

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According to Nielsen Music’s mid-year report, Hip-Hop is the number one music genre in the United States, and honestly, I feel like it has been like that for a long time. The culture is still relatively young and we are in control of damn near everything from marketing to advertising to selling underwear and liquor. In Columbus, Ohio the hip-hop scene has been bubbling for awhile. No, I’m not talking about rap scene. There is a difference with rap music and hip-hop culture people. The easiest way to explain it to the folks that don’t understand it. Hip-hop is the culture we live in. Rapping is something you do within the culture. Every day of my life is influenced by Hip-Hop and it will be until my last day on this earth.

A couple weekends ago in Columbus, The 3rd annual 2×2 hip-hop fest went down and it was an amazing event.

Shout out to my man Josh Miller and Dj Pos 2, the rain couldn’t stop us from having a good time with great people. I”ve watched this festival grow over the past 3 years and I’m so impressed on how far they come. Shout out to my man Grant Gatsby for holding it down with the hosting job. I got a chance to see all four elements of hip-hop at it’s finest. Djing, Emceeing, graffiti and break dancing.
Watching Dj Top Speed and Bombeardo on the wheels of steel was incredible. Playing breakbeats and going back and forth switching the tempos and cutting and scratching with precision and timing had me in a zone. I always tell my friends that we need more real Dj’s and fewer rappers.

What made the moment even better was the B-boys and B-girls breaking to the beats. Watching the little kids embrace the true essence of Hip-Hop made my heart happy and reminded me why I fell in love with Hip-hop. Seeing Fathers out there with sons and daughters explaining to them and teaching them the elements was super inspiring. Each one teaches one motto is so true and in the era where rap music dominates damn near everything, the rest of the elements get left behind sometimes. The breakers were killing it and you could feel the pride and the passion they put into their craft. I felt honored just to watch the break dancers battle and just rock out for sport.

Of course, if you are in Ohio and a fan of Hip-Hop, you know that we lost a legend in our community recently. The passing of Sheron “Nes Wordz” Colbert impacted us hard and 2×2 hip-hop fest paid homage to him by having a mural painted. The RSG crew did an amazing job with this painting and people came through, took tons of pictures and posted up next to the iconic figure. Many people called it their favorite piece of the festival. The graffiti artist really did a great job this year and all the artwork was beautiful and powerful. Watching people create on the spot, shaking the cans and spraying creating masterpieces gave me feeling of just being free and fearless.

I can’t forget about the performers that rocked out at the festival. I’ve been on the scene since the day I moved to Columbus and have watched some of these artist rocks for 20 years. It’s always good to see your peers you started with continuing to do this for the passion and love. Seeing the 3rd Power, Wallabee, C-10, illogic, and even the younger guys like Trigno was such an amazing feeling. Growing up with these guys over the years, you learn to appreciate them more and more and you respect that they still perform at such a high level without the industry/music business drama killing their spirits. One of the more emotional moments of the night is when Magna Media Group did a tribute to the late great Nes Wordz. With Supanatra DJing and the rest of the crew on stage, I watched Nes wordz son, Young Nes perform his dad’s songs with the same energy and passion his father gave every time he touched the stage. The crowd was in a frenzy and the people sang along yelling lyrics and bouncing showing that love back to the young artist. I’m just happy as a friend and family I was able to witness that moment and it’s something I will hold dear to my heart.

2×2 Hip-Hop Festival event was so much fun and something that is needed in our city. I’m a huge fan of what they are doing and will continue to watch them grow and support them. Any event showcasing the 4 elements of Hip-Hop at a high level should get that love and admiration from the people who love the culture. Hip- Hop runs the world.


Trav Dave