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All hail Queen B! Saturday, April 14th  in Palm Springs, California Beyoncé was the first black woman to headline Coachella music festival 2018. I mean if we are being real, everyone was waiting for this moment for over a year. Considering the superstar singer was supposed to headline last year—but due to her pregnancy, the singer had to postpone the show. Though the queen B, wasn’t out for long she never disappoints.


She came to slay, break down barriers and to remind women “Who Run the World, Girls’! The show had many surprises and great fashion sense to go along with it. Before we jump into all the excitement and surprises that happened last night in the show, let’s pay some homage to Beyoncé outfits and talk style for just a minute. Beyoncé and her team collaborated with the infamous “Olivier Rousteing” who is the creative director of the famous French brand Balmain. From the moment, she stepped on stage, you were in for a SHOW! The centerpiece of her assemble, was a quintet head-dress, bodysuit. It was inspired by, Queen Nefertiti. In all honesty, I could not think of a better person, for her to collab with to bring her fashion dreams to life.


Now for the good stuff. Beyoncé performance was, full of many, many surprises.

Which, she had some special guest come and join her on stage. Her hubby Jay-Z joined his wife on stage, as she performed Deju-Vu. She was glowing with her and her husband, performed together on stage- but it didn’t stop there. She brought out her sister Solange! They got down, as they performed “Get Me Bodied”, the crowd was going off.  Being that it was, a sister show off alongside, Beyonce and her dancers. Also considering, that Jay-Z and Bey, will be going on a joint tour this summer. So, if you are wanting to be apart of that, I suggest you get your tickets ASAP! The Queen B, also performed with an HBCU band, to back her up. Hello, it was like Homecoming, Battle of the bands, Music festival all in one. it all made us want to go back to school, and pledge “Beta Delta Kappa”.  She took it, to many of her throwback songs including Ego, Kitty Kat, Me, Myself & I and many more. Next, she surprised the audience with a reunion from our girls “Destiny’s Child”. Now, this was crazy and unexpected.  Maybe we can hope for a surprise album from the trio, stay tuned. 

with that being said, we can all say Beyonce did us justice, and it was a show to remember!! Let us know, now that as girls and young women we can tackle and take on anything, the world throws at us.  Last but not least, Beyonce wasn’t just going to leave us hanging now! She announced that she will be giving a $100,000 in scholarships, for historically black colleges and universities! Now If that is not a phenomenal woman, then I don’t know what is.  I love how Beyonce uses her platform for good, and to bring awareness to certain situations and things. Who else is ready to enroll in “Beyonce University”? I know I am.