Artist Spotlight: Wonderful World of ChristinaKristin

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What’s good people? It’s your boy Trav Dave and I’m back with a new Artist Spotlight. I’ve known Christina and Kristin for a long time and they have always been on their grind and been dope at what they do. Always smiling and giving off positive vibes and energy. I got a chance to chop up it with these young ladies and ask them about the fashion industry, styling, and designs.

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Q: I’ve known you ladies for some time now. Tell everyone how you all met and when you all discovered that you both had the same passion for styling and designs?

Chris: I’m going to try to keep this long story short. We met when we were about 9 years old, my aunt’s ex-husband is married to Kristin’s mother and he introduced us many years ago. We kind of lost touch during college, she was in L.A./Florida and I was in N.Y./Ohio, but reconnected sometime after graduation and realized we had pursued similar degrees. We both desired to do our own thing in the fashion industry and not work for anyone, so we started working on our passions together.

Kris: There is really not much I can add because Christina explained our introduction well. I just know that the partnership came about very organically. Even our name was easy to come up with and flowed so well.

Q: When creating a look for an individual or a group, what is your approach? Does one person work on attire and the other work on accessories? Or do you ladies just work together on both?

Chris: We work together on both. One or both of us may create an inspiration storyboard, and then we work together to achieve the perfect look.

Kris: We work best together during the styling process. We usually have similar ideas but sometimes our unique style perspectives feed off of each other so well that we come up with things that surprise us.

Q: Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

Chris: Collaboratively, we find inspiration from the world around us. All of our jewelry collections have been inspired by our own experiences. For me personally, I get inspired by people watching, window shopping, art galleries, magazines, and from my friends.

Kris: To avoid being repetitive, I will say Christina and I share a lot of the same inspiration, like art and paying attention to the style of the people around us. I also try to pay attention to social things like going green. For instance, with our handmade beads, we went from spraying on our finishes to paint on our finishes, for environmental purposes. Most of all, I am very much influenced by color. Most times, I start a project with color inspiration first.

Q: When searching for a potential muse, what are some things you look for?

Chris: I look for someone who thinks outside the box, creates their own trends, someone who is not afraid to be themselves. Also, someone that inspires others to be confident in being themselves.

Kris: I look for someone that offers something unique. I love a brave soul when it comes to style.  I love a person who doesn’t care about trends but somehow makes just about everything that they wear make sense.

Q: The fashion industry is an ever-changing industry. How do you all keep up with current trends?

Chris: The internet!! I do follow certain websites to stay abreast of the current season’s trends. But I am much more into street style. I love seeing people’s personal style, because of that I follow The Sartorialist and I love seeing street-style on

Kris: I try to read magazines and follow sites like during fashion week seasons. Honestly, I spend a lot of time looking at style on Instagram as well and following bloggers and stylists that inspire me.

Q. What is your favorite era in fashion and why?

Chris: I have 2. 1920’s because of the glam. That’s when people dressed to the 9’s, and of course because of the Harlem Renaissance. 1950’s because I’m obsessed with circle skirts.

Kris: I love the 20’s as well. I loved the ladylike look, of it all. The gloves are my favorite. I also love 70s glam. The days of Studio 54 were so cool. I love the 70s jumpsuits, sequins, and the furs.

Q. What’s your take on the Midwest fashion, specifically Ohio, compared to the east and west coast?


Kris: We are home to so many recognizable brands. I am proud to live here but being a native Floridian and having lived in Los Angeles, I can honestly say we have been playing catch up for the last ten plus years. When I was in grade school, I did my school shopping in Florida and would come back to Ohio and no one ever had my clothes. People thought my style was strange. It was kind of the same way throughout my early to late 20s. Since reality shows in cities where style and fashion have always been a big deal have premiered; I noticed a difference in the style of the people I see every day. Mid-west style is a fusion of style from many places. I think we are still defining our style individuality.

Chris:  I agree with Kristin. We are still defining our individual style in Columbus. When you look at Midwest cities such as Chicago and Detroit, the personal style you see in Columbus doesn’t compare. People still look at us like aliens when we go places, whereas places like NYC, personal style is expected. I’m waiting for the day that the locals in Columbus feel confident in wearing their own style, and not waiting for a celebrity to tell them it’s ok to wear certain things.

Q. If each of you was given the opportunity to style one celeb who would it be?

Chris: Yara Shahidi.

Kris: Solange

Q. Favorite fashion icon?

Chris: Solange, Pharrell, Patricia Field, Misa Hylton

Kris: Dorothy Dandridge, Diana Ross & Sarah Jessica Parker


Thank you for taking the time out your busy schedule ladies. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you ladies. Much success to you both.

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