Artist Spotlight: Almost there with Dominique Larue

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One of my favorite people just dropped a project called “Almost there” with the legendary J. Rawls. Dominique Larue does everything dope. From making music, to talking comic books, looking fly and spitting bars, she makes everything look easy and she is the coolest. I decided for her project release I wanted to ask her some questions just to see what her response would be. Check the dialect below.


Q.If you’re almost there, the finish line is…

A. No destination, really, I just want to reach greatness along the way.

Q.If I’m stranded on an island and I have only had 3 CDs, they would be?

A. Hmm It would have to be The Love Below, Back To Black, Reasonable Doubt.

Q.One thing everybody loves but I secretly hate is?


Q.If I was a superhero. I would be?

A.  Professor X. I can pretty much control any and everyone except Magneto of course when he’s wearing that helmet.

Q.If Donald Trump, was a rapper he would be?

A. Macklemore.

Q.Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison is?


A. Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison is not garbage, it’s garbæge.

Q.Dominique Larue is the?

A.  …A woman who will admit to her faults, mental health issues, bear her flaws, turn it into remarkable music and make an incredible project.

You are the best, Please tell the people where they can get all your music and how to get in contact with you.

My project with J. Rawls, Almost There, is out now courtesy of HipNOTT Records. You can find it on all streaming outlets, online retailers, and you can purchase the physical copies via Bandcamp. Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @dlaruemusic.