A-King from “The Combat Jack Show” (@CombatJackShow) Chops It Up w/ #DaBeeside & @TravDave

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What up people, it’s Trav Dave. This interview is needed because the people behind the curtain need a spotlight since they make everything move. Some people like being on the front line, but you always need the people behind the scenes to run the game. I’ve been hip to this man’s work for a while and I recently had a chance to chop it with him. One time for the multi-genius A-King.

How did you get your first break into the music business?

Back in 03-04 my home FT (Fuc That) was featured on Eminem’s Anger Management Tour and he bought me on the road with him. That was where I had I desire to be an A&R initially. He was managed by Riggs Morales. So I hung out with the execs, publicist etc. soaking in all the knowledge. I knew then I wanted to do this.

Being a general manager for PNC radio, what is a typical day at the office like for you?

Well prior to that I started out as talent then became program DIrector in which I was responsible for bringing in and developing on-air talent which shaped our programming for PNC. So a lot that was having my pulse on the culture and bringing on who I felt was gonna be the impactful voices of the Internets.

I feel like PNC radio played a big role in playing NYC artists. Can you name some of the artists you guys showcased before terrestrial radio caught the wave?

Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino, Odd Future, Big KRIT, Curren$y, Emilio Rojas just to name a few. So many artists and movements came through our doors, man. New cats, vets you name it.

Watching your vision come together at PNC radio, what is your proudest moment so far?

Housing some of the best talents in the business and creating some dope shows/content etc. Some notable names include Indy, The Company Man, 2DopeBoyz, Jayson Rodriguez, Shaheem Reid, Kaz, Lowkey, DJ Mark, DJ WayneSki, DJ Zeke and of course The Combat Jack Show.

A-King 2

You are also a producer of my favorite podcast show, The Combat Jack Show with Reggie and Premium Pete. How did that situation happen for you?

When they asked me to help build the PNC Radio brand, I felt at that time it was important to tap into the emerging talents that were getting attention on the ‘net. At least that was my philosophy. So at that time Dallas Penn was emerging with the “Internet Celebrities” which I was an instant fan, so I would see the homie out and about at various events and I reached out to him and told him what we were doing over at PNC and though that he should consider doing some radio content. After a few meetings he asked if he could bring a friend along by the name of “Combat Jack” who at the time was penning a blog called “Daily Mathematics”. We all clicked and the rest is history.

What’s your favorite episode of The Combat Jack Show and why?

Tough question. I have a few. Redman. Because Red is just a dope character. Marc Lamont Hill Jr. Marc was candid and raw-er than you’ve heard him when he was on CNN, BET. Huff Post etc.

What inspired the “Weekly Drop” segment on the show?

Being a producer manager I’m always on the lookout for new talent/music and we were just experimenting with ideas to evolve the CJS so without any announcements we added an exclusive track at the end of an episode and the response was awesome so made it a part of the show officially. #TheWeeklyDrop

You also manage an artist. What’s the biggest difference in managing an artist back in the day versus, managing in the social media era?

Well I’m still learning. As far as from what I’ve seen watching some of the best and me doing it now I would say. The lack of capital. Back then if you was managing an artist you had some capital to work with because the artist was most likely signed and had a budget. Now a days it’s the independent game for real so you have to be very creative in maneuvering through this business.

In your opinion, what’s more important, the radio spins or the Internet buzz?

They both are equally important but it’s more important that the artist stay true to their talents and be original. There’s so much parity and in music right now. Copy cat syndrome. Be original.

What’s Next for A-King?

We have more big things in the works for the CJS brand and The Loud Speakers Network. Podcasting is just the beginning. I’m working with some very dope producers and artists and look forward to put out some of this music.

I just want to thank you for taking the time out of your buy schedule to do this interview fam. Please let the people know where they can find you and any shout outs you got.

Anytime bro. Much love to you and Ohio for the love. You can get at me on twitter @its_aking and IG @itsaking. Shout outs to Ohio, The Combat Jack Show Crew, FT, Aqua League Music, my  family. Much love. #RaiseTheBar #ForTheCulture



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