Independent Artist of the Week: Siaira Shawn

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Singer Siaira Shawn a San Francisco, California native has been making major waves in the music industry this past year. With the biggest wave coming from her song “Wrong Speed” that was featured on the soundtrack hit series on HBOInsecure‘. You can hear her song being played on Ep. 7 season 3 and witness how the song perfectly goes with the vibe of the episode. With lyrics like,”Built from different frames I was made for higher speeds, and you was slow, hopin’ you could change switch or step your game up“, you can tell why this song is easily a fan favorite.

Siaira Shawn then ended the year with a bang when she dropped her last single for 2018 “Islands” once again showing off her smooth melodic vocals that leaves you wanting more. Siaira Shawn has been on the music scene since 2014 where she drop her first ever EP “Ghost” that really gives fans a full all around composition of who Siaira Shawn is as an artist by displaying all of the ranges she can go with her vocals and her music. With the big response and following Siaira Shawn has received in 2018, just know that this is only the beginning for her and 2019 will be her biggest year yet.

Siaira Shawn’s music is currently steaming on all major platforms

In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine, Siaira Shawn talks about herself as an artist and what we can expect from her in the future:

So you recently dropped your newest single “Islands.” What was your inspiration for making this song? 

 I wanted to write a song that was open and honest about why someone may be indecisive or reticent to get into a relationship even though the other person can tell they want to. So, you’re not just driving them crazy, at least they know why lol.

What is the vibe you would say you were trying to give off to the listeners in this song? 

Something smooth, feel good. It might remind you of music you love, but also feel new.

Can fans expect to see a music video for your most recent singles dropping soon?

Yes, I’m dropping a music video for my previous single “Wrong Speed” and a live version of “Islands” in January, then probably a video for “Islands” too.

How long have you been singing? 

Since I was very young. I grew up singing and acting.

Who or what inspired you to become a recording artist? 

My mother is a great singer and instilled in me a love of music, movies and art in general. So, from a pretty young age I knew I wanted to sing.

Do you play any instruments? If not what instruments would you like to know how to play? Why?

I play a little bit of piano, but want to actually learn  for real. Would love to learn some guitar and bass as well. All in the service of being a better songwriter and maybe creating the bones of some tracks that better players can build upon. Sometimes it’s hard to articulate my musical ideas without that knowledge.

If you were to participate on lip sync battle who would you like to battle and why and what song would you pick?

Lol. I honestly don’t know. Maybe a Beyoncé song, like “Ring the Alarm”

What is your process for when you go in the studio to record music? 

I’m pretty chill. Sometimes I’ve had time with some production so I already have stuff written to record, sometimes my producer and sometime co-writer create stuff from scratch, just starting off with melody and writing lyrics later.

Islands” seems to be the last single you are dropping for this year. What can we expect from Siaira Shawn in 2019? 

Yes, I’m hoping 2019 is going to be a big year for me. I am dropping my project “Tender” which will include “Islands” in the spring. More singles and videos coming before that. I have some cool ideas around the release that I’m excited to share soon. Also, im going to be doing more shows and hopefully getting the chance to open up for someone, so more people can know me and hear the music. Would also love to collaborate with more folks.

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