Independent Artist of the Week: Dwayne Levi

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Rapper Dwayne Levi has been building momentum in the music industry with the release of his most recent project “Cartoon Rap” that dropped April 27th, 2018 steaming on all major platforms. On this EP you can tell Dwayne Levi really taps into his inner child with how he strategically associates every song with a 90’s cartoon. With lyrics like, “Gotta stick to what you know, concentrate on the road, super saiyan when I go, [Flames] theirs somethings I can’t control”, this is definitely something everyone can rock with especially the 90’s babies.

Dwayne Levi recently dropped his newest single “No Curtis Blow” where he once again shows off his well thought out spellbinding lyrical skills that leave you wanting more. Then the music video brings it around full circle with how he perfectly conveys his lyrics in this short film like music video. Where Dwayne Levi blatantly lets the music industry know, specifically want to be record labels and rappers what he really thinks of them. With the big response and following Dwayne Levi has received from fans, just know this is only the beginning for him and just know 2019 will be his biggest year yet.

In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine. Dwayne Levi goes more in depth about his EP “Cartoon Rap” and introduces his newest visual from his newest single “No Curtis Blow”.

Interview w/ JStylez (@DrizzyDreaded)

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