Independent Artist Of the Week: Chandrah

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Rapper Chandrah from the big city of Philadelphia has been making a major buzz in the music industry with the recent release of her newest single “Begging For It” that was released on November 10th currently steaming on all major platforms. In Chandrah’s single “Begging For It” she shows her fans her more sexual side with lyrics like,“I got it right here, get down off your knees, what you begging for“. This song will have you bumping and grinding in the club. Then wanting you to play it on replay afterwards with your special someone.
In this single Chandrah perfectly mixes Rap and R&B, strategically combining both with her catchy lyrics and sexy vocals.

Chanadrah recently signed to 5Star Advertisement for management & has a distribution deal with 5Star Music/Sony Music. Chandrah has only been recording music for a year with only 3 hot singles out thus far, so just know this is only the start for Chandrah’s career. With the following and reactions she’s gotten from fans already, it will definitely be a big year for her in 2019.

In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine. Chandrah goes more in depth about her single “Begging for it” and her music career.

Interview with JStylez @DrizzyDreaded