#HonestSinner – “Ain’t Nobody Worrying”

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 Worrying about the wrong things still? Mmmm.

If you’re sitting around in that dark, quiet room in your house laying across your enormous bed having thoughts about what happened, why it happened or what hasn’t happened yet – you’re worried about the wrong thing. If you’re riding around listening to Luther, Marvin or anybody in that era tearing up wondering what makes you not good enough – again you’re worried about the wrong thing. If you’re spending valuable, non-refundable time trying to guess who they might be messing around with, worrying about what they may or may not be doing with that person – then my friend not only are you wasting irreplaceable minutes off of your daily life, but you’re absolutely worried about the wrong dang on thing. One thing for sure, two things for certain, they damn sure are not worried about you and in all honesty never was.

This is may sound harsh but that the truth is, you fooled yourself into believing you had something –  “Love”. I’m willing to bet that if you think over the time spent with them there were plenty of signs saying that they could have given a flip about you.

How often would they actually check on you first?  How long was it before they stopped checking? Did they even care enough to see if you needed anything or even how they could help before you even mentioned there was a problem? On their days off would they ask, “Can I bring you something to eat on your lunch break babe?” Or  “Can I run any errands for you?”.  Sure that’s kind of petty or insignificant type of stuff and I get it,  but if you’re the one thinking like that than chances are you’re the one not doing those things.  You see,  it’s not the point of having those small simple miscellaneous things done for you. It’s about the fact that someone is willing to invest some of their own valuable irreplaceable time to take care of your needs. People never waste time on things they’re not interested in or feel that there’s no benefit in. 

Now while you take “time” to second guess me just know those where indeed signs, small in stature, but nonetheless still signs.

Now ask yourself, “Self do I really believe they’re sitting in the house wondering how I’m feeling or what I’m doing?“. Your honest self should reply, “Hell nah, they out there living their best life, doing it for the gram and snappy chappy determined not to go back and forth with your butt (I’m trying to keep it clean, you know what I really want to say though). Just posting away for you to torture yourself all because you’re still worrying about how they’re living. They will not shed one damn tear for your butt, why? Because on they way out the door they had already transferred any and all negative energy to you without you even taking notice of it happening.

They had you questioning yourself, trying figure out who you are as a person, asking “What is it about me that they don’t like?” If you would, allow me to answer that for you – it was absolutely nothing! Everything that was said to and about you is merely the things they see insufficient within themselves, period. 

See what you have to remember is that 1st Corinthians 13:4-8 tells us that everything has a season. It just so happens to be that your season with them has come to an end. Once you had that long deep conversation with God about that whole relationship or any situation was the exact moment you should’ve stopped worrying about it and started remembering exactly who you are out here in these streets. God intended you to be a reflection of him and with that being said, no man, no woman or situation should ever be able to make you feel insignificant, unworthy or incapable of being loved  because as we all know our God is deserving and able of all of those things and you mam/sir are a direct reflection of the man himself.

Worrying? You should get over that immediately, cry tonight but tomorrow if you talked with God about it you need to boss back up and continue on with life, that issue has been handled already.

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