#MixxColumn: “It’s not you, It’s me!”

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It’s not you it’s me.

 I know we’ve traveled down a lot of roads, been through and seen a lot of things. Inseparable for what seems like a lifetime of fussing and fighting with not only each other but with a lot of other folk too. We could do no wrong to each other or in each other’s eyes, but the time has come where I must prepare myself to say goodbye. 

It’s not because I no longer love you or feel that we’re not good for each other, it’s just time that we go see what else the world may or may not have to offer. If you were to be totally honest with yourself you’d probably say you’ve seen this coming for a long time now I’m sure. Here lately we’ve been speaking less and subliminally arguing more. The conversations that we used to have and enjoy on a daily basis are becoming harder and even more rare with each passing day. Yes, we pick up right where we left off because that’s just what we do, but it’s the time in between that I just can’t quite put my finger on but I know something has changed and again it’s not you it’s me. 

The things that we used to laugh about together just aren’t that funny to me any more, the hanging all night partying all weekend lifestyle living for whatever the day/night may bring yeah that’s just not in me any more. The time’s have changed I’ve changed and I don’t mind admitting that my interest are different now and if you’re honest you’ll see yours are too. But again this is about me and not you. 

I’m at the age where I wanna start a family, do grown up stuff like watching my kids grow into adults and have those parent-to-child talks about not only the fun stuff but also about all the wrong things that you and I did growing up while living carefree at their age. I wanna share our experiences, teach them the rights from the wrongs, help nurture their growth into adulthood just as our parents did with us you know. I’m ready to really settle down. I mean grow old with the somebody of my choice and enjoy the type of settling down where you get paid on a Friday, pay a few bills, take a trip or two during the summer and have lots of sex on different resort balconies over and over again with that same somebody. But for some reason at this particular point in our lives I just don’t think that’s what you’re wanting & that’s cool because again this is about me & not you. 


I wanted. No, I needed you to hear this not only from me first, but personally as well because as my closest friend I feel I at least owe you that much. I heard a long time ago that when you’re in a relationship if you take how long you’ve been together divide it by two, that’s exactly how long you’ve been breaking up. So if we were to use that formula and if we were honest with ourselves we’ve known for awhile now exactly how long that it has been coming to this. With that being said there should be no need for the name calling or talking behind each other’s back. We can even do without the side eyeing or pretending we don’t see each other in passing. I will still be liking your social media posts and I genuinely hope that you’ll like mine. We should be able to still speak and be cordial with one another without everyone noticing an elephant being in the room. It’s my hope that our most deepest and darkest secrets that we entrusted in one another continue to stay between us in the way that they always have and that at end of the day we can behave as adults. Why? Because again it’s me and not you.

In closing I’ll leave you with this:

Proverbs 12:26 

The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.

So Let us not be led away by the wickedness that can be described as a deteriorating relationship but find comfort in knowing that we once had righteously chosen each other carefully as a friend… 

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