Independent Artist of the Week: Wesley Saylor

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Singer Wesley Saylor has been building momentum in the music industry with the release of his first official EP “Shadows” released July 18th 2018, now available on all streaming platforms. “Shadows” has a smooth melodic pop vibe that is backed up by Wesley Saylor’s soulful raspy sound with stories of love and relationships that everyone can relate to. With lyrics like, “I’ll be be fine and in love, kiss your forehead and your cheek, then I’ll hate you for nothing for weeks” from his song “Far Away“. Wesley Saylor really catches the ears of his listeners with his realness and honesty in his tenor with a splash of baritone vocals and lyrics.

Wesley Saylor has also recently catched the eyes of his listeners with his music video off his EP that is also titled “Shadows” featuring singer Justin Ratcliff. In this visual Wesley Saylor perfectly captures the vibe for his song “Shadows“. With visuals of him walking the downtown streets of his hometown Lexington, Ky at night time. Singing his song in and out of the shadows of the night. This visual and EP has really set the tone for Wesley Saylor’s career and with the big response and following he has received since dropping his EP “Shadows” just know this is only the beginning for Wesley Saylor.

In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine. Wesley Saylor goes more in depth about his new EP “Shadows” and introduces his visual off his EP “Shadows”.