#MixxColumn: “What Are We?”

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Well my friends, let me be the one to tell you that in that particular scenario there’s only one person who wants to be just friends and it’s usually the one who suggested that load of crap. Yeah, you both may have agreed to the terms and so called conditions of the before said relationship.  Just like any other person who sees what they “think” they want and signs a contract without really understanding what’s written into the language. So allow me to help you out. 

Here’s what just happened, it’s like buying a car. This joint has everything you want for the right price that you want it at. The dealer says, “We’re gonna give you this and pay your trade in off and then the new car will be yours.” Ok cool, is what you’re thinking right? What they did not say was that yeah we’re giving you “X” amount for your trade in, but that still leaves the pay off “Y” amount that we’ll have to add to the back end of the new car amount which brings your new car cost up to “Z” total, now sign here and it’s yours. Now in your head none of that bull made any sense to you. You’re thinking how did we go from this to that, that damn quick.  This ain’t where we started off at, “WTH”.  After a quick rethinking and trying not to look like you have no clue of what’s going on(although you don’t), you sign that contract and get locked in. Why? Because all you saw was yourself in that bright shiny new thing that had everything you wanted in it sashaying around in and out of town. Pulling up to hottest parties parking up front so the right people see you get out of it. Anticipating the “sooo uhhh is that you” questions and the “wondering how” facial expressions after you leave.  You’re posting on social media with the caption “road trip with my new one.”

You did all of this for a thing that you not only don’t understand, but for something that wasn’t even your true intentions of how you wanted to get it. See the dealership got exactly what they wanted and they could care less how you came out feeling or even what happened to you after you left the lot. Why? Because you got exactly what you signed up for.

The moral of this story is don’t let your mind trick you into something your heart can’t handle. If it’s a relationship you’re looking and wanting with a certain somebody and all they want is a “let’s just see what happens “ type of situation, I suggest you make it clear to them what’s not about to happen and just keep it moving. 

Your time on earth is only getting shorter – seek what you want, get it on your terms and remember God made many versions of the same make and model….

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