#MixxColumn: Don’t shoot the messenger!

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You’re gonna hear this right, but you might take it wrong.

If you’re not married you’re single. Period. I don’t care how much time, money, kids, property, dogs cats or goldfish you have together or invested in one another. Until you stand before God himself & confess openly to one another about each other, YOU’RE SINGLE.

I say that to say this if you’re still out here running around trying to figure out why he or she ain’t doing or treating you right or why “every night you gotta prove your love” it’s because you’re single. God’s not in your relationship – he never blessed it. See, when it’s blessed, getting on the same page & staying there won’t be hard. You’ll both want the same thing. You’ll both be moving in the same direction to get there. You’ll start to become what’s called “equally yoked”. When you’re equally yoked it doesn’t matter who’s doing what in the relationship, because one can’t move too far without the other. That bond between them or the “yoke”, that’s God holding them together. Teaching them how to move and work together, how to live and be together. Now a lot of folks tend think that’s what they have already in their relationships “that’s my ride or die”, “my bae, my booski“- they’ll always be there for me, have my back & so on and so forth. Which very well maybe true, but if that was the case they wouldn’t have to proclaim it. When a relationship is yoked with God no commentaries are needed, it can be seen. You can see both individuals moving forward together, you can see when one individual is struggling the other picks up where they’re lagging. You can see it when one individual becomes temporary distracted and tries to move in the opposite the other easily redirects their attention and gets them back on track. That’s what being yoked does, that’s what having God in your relationship does for it. As a couple there won’t be a need to tell outsiders what you are to each other because they’ll already see it & if they can see it they’ll know ain’t no getting in between those two because there’s something strong & powerful already there.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Don't shoot the messenger!

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  1. Chee Christopher

    September 24, 2018 at 4:23 am

    Love it and so true