Independent Artist of the Week: D.E.Z

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Rapper D.E.Z aka Prezzo has been building momentum with the release of his first solo album “Sex Symbol” released July 17th 2018, now available on all streaming platforms. On his first official album D.E.Z takes a different approach and shows just how far his range can go by creating a sexual lovey dovey master piece. This flow and vibe D.E.Z shows in Sex Symbol is on a different frequency than the trap life listeners are use to hearing D.E.Z spit intriguing bars about. He decided for his first official album to make something for his biggest support group, the ladies. But with lyrics like, “Can’t even lie about the situation we lustin, we bustin, no cuffin” from his song “Lustin & Fuckin”, makes this album something that not only females can vibe to but males can also relate to too.

D.E.Z has truly shown how versatile he can be in the booth and being an artist who can effortless switch there flow up in such a way makes him a menace for the music industry. With scheduled touring with a group such as Brick Squad, just know this is only the beginning for D.E.Z who still has way more in the bag.


In this exclusive interview with The Mixx Magazine, D.E.Z goes more in depth about his his first solo album “Sex Symbol” and introduces his newest visual off his album ‘Lustin & Fuckin’.