“God’s Plan”

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Drake’s God’s Plan hit #1 on Billboard Hot 100 with 127,000 sales in the first week. I guess this means there is still a place for good music. But what really matters is the meaning behind the song. Take it however it resonates with you but the way I see it God is blessing on the melanin scene.

Anoke Yai, a 20-year-old South Sudanese Plymouth State University student recently landed a Prada runway gig and made history becoming the first black runway model for Prada since Naomi Campbell in 1997. Young, eager, and beautiful. But the question is how? And the answer is social media. She was discovered by a young black photographer who was capturing stunning photos during the 2017 Howard homecoming festivities, an HBCU of course. Once the photo was uploaded it was phone calls left and right. Endless opportunities presented to her and merely because of her extraordinary beauty. #blackgirlmagic I would say. But God’s plan is bigger than just beauty in the melanin community.

Woman like Tiffany Haddish and Qunita Brunson keep us weak, but you may ask who is Qunita B? If you’re asking that question, then it’s time for you to hop on the internet! A 28-year-old viral content creator and comedian who used the intent as her platform to reach the heights she has today. You may remember her from her 2014 Instagram video that went viral year, the girl who’s never been a real date before. But what is so awesome about Qunita B is how she used the internet a platform to be named one of the youngest content creators for Buzzfeed motion pictures and now rolls with big shots like Issa Ray and even rocks her swimwear for target commercials. But she’s not the only one sporting her confidence in her swim attire.

Tabria Majors, a Sports Illustrated fashion model who isn’t afraid to bark back has hit the scene. After numerous negative comments on the net, Tabria wasn’t having it. She addressed everyone on social media who body shamed and let them know thick is lit. Tabria landed the modeling role after simply submitting a video to Sports Illustrated 2018 rookie competition and was a finalist. Tabria has since worked with forever 21 and Lane Bryant. Clearly these young black women didn’t exactly plan their come up. But they were prepared to take full advantage of what opportunities they were blessed with. Like Drizzy said its God’s Plan.