#MixxNews: Problem talks Chachiville, project with 9th Wonder, ‘Rosecrans’ full album & more

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Problem sat down with Special to talk about all the anticipated new music he has dropping in 2017. First he has ‘Chachiville’ dropping at the end of January that he mixed himself after learning from DJ Quik while recording their EP ‘Rosecrans’. He says ‘Chachiville’ is a growth while attaching himself to what he’s known for, “You get a little turnt and you do learn a few things. I got a joint on there where I’m talking about some story stuff, and you know I got a record for the ladies cuz I love making records for the ladies. It’s a good mix, it’s a good gumbo mix. It’s a good starter for the year cuz that’s not the only thing I’ll be dropping.” He details about how this project is going to be released differently including ‘song-umentaries’ for each record, lyric sheets, and debuting the videos all on his site Chachiville.com.

Problem also says that the project with 9th Wonder and Bad Lucc is finished and is just sitting in the chambers waiting to be released this year. Plus he mentions that there is a whole ‘Rosecrans’ album to follow up the EP that he and DJ Quik released previously.

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