#MixxMusic: Tish talks relinking with Kendrick & her next project

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Tish Hyman stopped by to kick it with BIGVON and talk about not only where she’s been but where she’s going. When asked if she still ever writes battle raps she said “no but if I had to, shit would get real real quick” and admits to using racially charged lyrics to shock people during battles. When it comes to the next project, she says she’s going to rap more and has been talking to Zoey Dollaz & Anderson.Paak about working together in addition she’s hoping to relink with Kendrick. She says her current album ‘Dedicated To’ is “the core and the root to who I am as a person.. From childhood to age 26. ” and details the necessity of including her struggles, while her next album will still be her but more of a celebration of life as her life has gotten sweeter. When asked about her dream collaborations she breaks them into 2 categories: deceased and living & possible. The deceased list includes Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, and Biggie, while the living & possible has Jay Z, J. Cole, Nas, and N.O.R.E. She also details wanting to work with singing greats such as Tina Turner & Adele saying “If anyone is getting the collaboration to go down smoothly without any catty shit it’s Tish.. If I’m in a room with a person and they fuck with me we’re gonna get along.”

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