I met God: It Doesn’t Look Like Anything

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This opinionated editorial has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. These are my thoughts and not representative of anyone else but myself.

I often times hear or read pretty interesting things. These interesting things are more times than not interesting solely due to their ability to fester like maggots in the sore of a poorly nurtured farm animal. The shit just sits with me and the more I think about it, the more disgusting it sounds. One such interesting thing, which happens to be a statement made by many, has gnawed and chafed at my frontal and parietal lobe’s. Worn on clothing, written about in blogs and utilized by the feminist movement, this statement has been a thorn in my side: “I met God; she’s Black”.

What in the hell does this even mean? How is this even possible? I mean, I won’t and don’t pray to white male Jesus so why would I pray to a Black and female God? Placing a sex and color on a divine and universal force is creating a religion for all intents and purposes. But, maybe that is what feminism has become. Maybe, just maybe, with the application of race, sex and mind control, The Church of Feminism of Mother Mary and Ruth will in due time become a real thing Hell, maybe they will even have rituals and practices under an identical guise as established religions. Matter of fact, maybe it has begun. Earlier, I read some shit on Instagram that almost fucked up my day. What the fuck is the “Free Blood Movement?” I’ll tell you what it is. IT’S WHEN FEMALES LET THEIR MENSTRUAL BLOOD FLOW AND EVEN — USE IT IN FOOD. A woman not using a pad or tampon is one thing but when she begins to use it as a cooking ingredient, such as when making pancakes for herself and children, all in the name of feminism, things have went entirely too far. Doesn’t period blood have the ability to kill people? Feminism is turning into reverse voodoo.

All jokes aside, I love women. I love the black woman. I love black women. My love for the black womb and the black woman is tried and true, however it is not so much that I can or will distort a universal truth in the name of supporting and loving black women. All highly evolved beings know and understand that God is a force…the force that moves planets, creates galaxies, perfects the chemistry between man and woman, and that allows things that we think to align in a perfect in favor of the greater good. I find it absolutely hilarious that the trends of activism, consciousness and veganism have exasperated the misunderstanding of the balance between men and women. A black woman is not God simply because she has the ability to and performs the duty of carrying a life form…I am sorry, but I cannot believe this with a grain of anything that I am made of.

Think about the balance between man and woman, seed and egg, meat and produce and then look to the divine force needed for each of these pairs to create. It takes seed, fertile ground and good weather aka sperm, egg and divinity to make a baby. We all have God energy within us and the ability to become a God through the manifestation of spiritual enlightenment is real, yet that doesn’t make us God.

God doesn’t look like any one thing. If it or he or she did, we wouldn’t be so absolute on what he, she, or it resembled. Hell, sometimes I think that God is something really large sitting somewhere even larger directing the universe to create galaxies with a number of extremely complicated planetary systems that may or may not be equipped to harbor life…but that’s way too far-fetched, right?

pretty much a god. or at least a super hero.