MixxInterview: @DJ_Cruze in the Mixx

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 Happy Wednesday good folks!! I recently had a chance to rap a taste to DJ Cruze from up north and to get us over the hump, he dropped something special just for the MIXX!
Check out the interview below and click here for the mix!
Whats poppin, DJ Cruze?!Tell the people where ya from, where can they catch you spinning?

I’m from jersey closer to the NYC metro area. Roughly about 30 miles away fromn downtown manhattan. My nationality is Mexican American.  I’m blessed enough to say people can see me play almost everywhere in the northern part of New Jersey and a few spots in New York City.

How would you describe your style and how does NJ effect that if at all?

If I had to describe my style, I would have to say my style is energetic and funky. I consistently bring out the best of me, and bring nothing but high energy! They have to move to my rhythm. Funky because im very unpredictable, where I dont have a set playlist. I go based on what I see and how I feel. For example there may be nights where I may go EDM, and there may be nights where I barely play EDM. Its almost impossible for the crowd to say I know what he’s going to play next.

My hometown is multicultural. My hometown is truly a melting pot, where diverse cultures meet together to build a beautiful community. Me being there for most of my life pretty much build me to be this dj. Where I can play latin all night, hip hop and edm. My hometown influenced me alot and exposed me that music is a universal language.

What are some of your favorite albums/mixtapes out right now?

Im a big fan of music.  For me to say I have a favorite mixtape or album is hard. I can tell you the album I’m listening to a lot currently is that Young Jeezy. 

Tell me what are ya working on and are there any artist that you want to work with?

Truthfully this year has been nothing but a blessing to me. I’ve met so many beautiful people in my career.  I have several projects coming up for instance later this yr I’m going to start a mixtape circuit. The name is still in the air nothing is concrete. As far as artists, I would like to have a chance to work with several artists including and in no particular order: Ariana Grande, Pharell and  Fabulous.

Your website serves the people with a bit of everything, music, mixes, videos and everything else, how else can we get to you?
Other than DJCruze.com, I am accessible all over the net; readers can find me here: