Sunday School: How To Submit Music To A Blog

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This can obviously not be covered enough. New artists come out everyday and I cannot blame them for being unfamiliar with the rules of the music industry. Wait let me change that, in the music industry there are no rules so let’s call them guidelines. Sunday School is a weekly column that will drop (every Sunday duh) providing artists, new and old with informative how-to’s. Class is in session ladies & Gents.

How To Submit Music To Blog

  • First things first. Find the contact information. Usually under “contact us” if there isn’t a separate submissions tab. There will usually be more than one email listed so make sure you get the right one. Even if you feel like your email will be seen sooner if you “accidently” send it to the “advertising inquires” email or the blogger’s personal email, DON’T. You will get over looked, deleted, marked as spam for simply not following directions.
  • Email Title should start with “Music Submission:” and then the artist’s name and song title.  There is no need for a bunch of capitalized letters, all emails are treated equally in the inbox.
  • Your first sentence of the email should be greeting the blogger and asking them politely to listen/preview/review/post your track.
  • If the blog you are submitting to is unfamiliar with your music please provide a short bio in the email or as an attachment.
  • Also to be noted, submit to blogs that post YOUR TYPE OF MUSIC. If you’re a trap rapper that happens to love conscious hip-hop, that’s all fine and dandy, but don’t submit your shoot-em-up street single to your favorite backpack blog. That is counterproductive. Find blogs that post similar music.
  • In your email DO NOT provide a list of other sites your music has been posted to. Bloggers have egos. Bloggers do not care. Bloggers cruise other blogs so they probably saw it anyway, and didn’t post it, because bloggers are petty.
  • DO Provide a Hi Quality mp3 attachment. Hi Quality = 320kbps but anything over 196kbps will do.
  • DO provide a streaming link to the same mp3. At the time of this post, Soundcloud & Audiomack are the kings indie music streaming, so use them.
  • DO Provide Artwork <<<< This one gets overlooked all the time. How many blogs do you guys visit that have no artwork? NONE right? So send us a freaking picture to post with your song!!!
  • Do provide all your contact information: Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Website, Tumblr whatever avenues you use to promote your music should be provided.
  • Thank the blogger for their time
  • proof read it
  • Hit Send
  • If the blogger doesn’t post your music in about a two week time frame, it’s okay to send one follow up email. If that email is ignored, move on and try again with your next single.

And that’s about it. Good luck. AND DONT TWEET ME YOUR MUSIC LINKS!!!!

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