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Have you ever sat down at your computer to work on something only to find yourself checking your twitter notifications or IG posts instead? Or thought about how long your “to do” list was and decided to just do nothing?

Of course you have! We all need a little push now and then to tackle things we don’t want to do. It’s only human. Whether you have a secret passion you’ve always wanted to pursue or need a nudge to help you tackle simple house work…it happens to the best of us.


Do something…ANYTHING! Make a list. Get organized. Get your brain in gear. And just begin. Since getting started is always the hardest part, promise yourself that you can stop in 15 minutes if you want to. By then you may be on a roll and want to keep on going until the job is done!


Divide and conquer. No one says you have to do it all in one sitting or even one day. Divide big tasks into smaller ones, and focus on completing just one task at a time. If you’re writing a paper, start with the first paragraph; if you’re running out of clean clothes to wear, at least sort your laundry into dark and light piles. Feel good about your accomplishments. You’ll be surprised how much you can do if you take it one step at a time.


Stay positive. It’s practically impossible to get motivated when you’re feeling some type of way. To shake that bad mood, turn on your favorite music, pull up the window shade and let the sun shine in or go for a short run or walk. You’ll feel much more productive once you get your juices flowing.


Visualize the outcome. Imagine what will happen if you never pursue your personal passion…if you keep putting off writing that song…if you never take a minute to research how to film a successful movie. Now imagine what will happen if you do. Linking negative outcomes with not acting and pleasurable outcomes with taking action is a standard motivational technique. See if it works for you.


Ask a friend/significant other for help. You know the saying: two heads are better than one. Well it’s true. Besides, you might find that your friend is in need of a little motivation, too. Sometimes just knowing that you’re not in it alone can be very motivating.

Remember why… It’s easy to stay on course when you’re feeling motivated, but motivation can fade as time goes on. Make a list of reasons why achieving your goals are important to you, and keep the list where you can see it. Read your list aloud whenever you need a boost to get you going again.  Deion Sanders once said, “The problem with some dreams is that the dream is only about you. If your dream ain’t bigger than you, then there’s a problem with your dream”. This statement couldn’t hold anymore truth to it.

The reality of it all is that you’re never going to be ready to do anything, you just have to say “F—K it, let’s go”! Encourage yourself.


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