Braindump: a simple reminder..

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In truth, most people do not want to live a life that they love. They become content. They actually do not think it is possible to love what they are doing. Many people focus on the problems in their life and ignore the solutions. But for those who dream of a better life, there are always choices and options. The people who can envision a better life have a more open mind. Living a life without regret is a daily decision. Each day you choose whether to react or act. You choose whom to allow into your life and whom to walk away from. You choose to do things that will fulfill you and satisfy your goals. You make decisions that will allow you to never look back in regret and say you would’ve, could’ve, or should’ve.  Never remain stagnant because your surroundings lack consistency.


You have a strength that is far more powerful than any doubt or insecurity that could ever arise. I will never bathe in stress. Instead, I will bask in the glow of knowing that there are obstacles to overcome. Appreciating the lessons I have endured and the blessings that have been bestowed upon me. Trust yourself. Love yourself. Appreciate your strength. Acknowledge how powerful you are. Believe that you can create a life you love and then make it your reality.


“A woman who knows her worth is a POWERFUL woman” –Aunt Rene

Founder and CEO of The Mixx Magazine